All of our products are sourced and manufactured in USA

All of our products are sourced and manufactured in USA


Located in the Orthopedic Capitol of Warsaw, IN, Rayco Tools Inc. offers absolutely the toughest Rotary & Push style broach tools, with the greatest wear resistance in the industry. Rayco broaches are held to a standard tolerance of +/-.0002. While conventionally heat treated PM-M4, PM T-15, & HiCo broach tools such as M42, are limited for use in materials up to 30 HRC, Rotary Broaching in materials up to 50 HRC is achieved and economical using a Rayco Broach. We can make it possible to get screws in these hard materials, off your Swiss Lathe complete. It's not the HSS material, but the Rayco Heat Treat Process that makes all the difference.

There Is NO Equivalent!

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Our customers enjoy superior broach tool life, with less down time and fewer scrapped parts, saving them time and money. They are broaching Cobalt Chrome, and many other Biodur medical grade alloys. They are also broaching 17-4 H900, Custom 455, Titanium, Strain Hardened 316, Inconel, Nitronic 60, Hastelloy and Monel.

Actual results are dependent on the work conditions, but typical tool life of Rayco Processed broach tools is several times that of conventionally heat treated broaches. We offer a broach sample to new customers proving the increased tool life.

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A Rayco #7 rotary broach (left) set up on a Swiss Lathe.

A Rayco #7 rotary broach (left) set up on a Swiss Lathe.


Fast Lead Times for Custom Size Hex & Square Form Broaches!

We stock .315 & .500 Shank Broach Blanks Ready to Grind to Your Custom Size with Standard Tolerance of +/-.0002

1-10 Pcs 1-3 Days Lead Time

11-25 Pcs 4-7 Days Lead Time

26 -50 Pcs 2 Week Lead Time

100+ Pcs 3 Week Lead Time


For general inquiries about Rayco Tools Inc. please email us at chris@raycotoolsinc.com.

To order broaches or for info on broaching applications and technical information please email Chris Rooney at: chris@raycotoolsinc.com.